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Please Consider Us in Your End-of-Year Giving  

150 Years of ServiceHello Friends,

We know our clients’ abilities to overcome challenges are based on a partnership that includes the expertise of our staff, the commitment of our clients, and the support from our community. However, the hard work of making changes often goes unseen.

                               Sandra Steingard, MD, our Chief Medical Officer, recently said:
16,000 people helped“Our most remarkable work happens in the very private, quiet moments -- the small steps towards creating lives of meaning that are deeply valuable and important.”

For many, those “quiet moments” may be life changing:

  • A child in one of our four therapeutic schools is able to focus on school work for the first time;
  • A child or adult experiencing a mental health crisis at 3:00 a.m. finds support through our First Call for Chittenden County crisis line;
  • An adult with an intellectual disability secures their first job through our Project Hire program and now has a renewed sense of empowerment and confidence;
  • A family rebuilds their lives by strengthening their bonds of love, trust, and empathy for their loved one who is undergoing substance use treatment.

60 LocationsNow imagine our community without these programs.  

That’s why your ongoing support is so critical, and we hope we can count on your generosity this year so we can continue to keep our promise of Help is here.

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Celebrate Sober

We wish our friends and community partners a happy and safe holiday season!



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